How to Contact Me

For Booking

Please email me at to ask about availability and book your sessions. 

For Questions Not Answered On This Site

If you have questions about any of this, please email me at - this is the fastest way to reach me. I typically do not answer unsolicited calls, texts, or online messages. I only login to the devices/ software I use for peer work when I'm actively holding a session for someone.


These are the documents that I will need you to review and sign before our first session.

When It's Time For Our Session

IMPORTANT NOTE: paperwork MUST be filled out and returned before our very first session

If you booked a phone session with me, I will call you at the scheduled time. The number you will see on your phone is 978-785-7337. This is my Google phone number.

If you booked an online chat session, you can go to and enter a username. I will email you our group name and password beforehand. You will enter the group name and group password and we can start our chat. My username will always be "talktoj8."

If you booked a video call, you will need to download Zoom on your smart device or your computer and create an account. I will send you an email link for our session. No personal information is exchanged. When it's time for our session, click or tap the link and you will automatically be re-directed to Zoom and I will either be waiting or join the chat momentarily.

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