About me

My Story

My pen name is Jade Miller. It's not my real name, but I do use it online for the sake of privacy. To be honest, most of my close friends in real life call me Jade as well.

Most people know me as the trauma blogger from Thoughts From J8, and the author who wrote the Dear Little Ones series.

Most people are pretty familiar with me already.

If you are not, you are welcome to take a look at my blog. 

I am no longer writing on it, as I have sensed that it's time to do other things now... like work one on one with people.

People like you.

My Philosophy

While I would never want to undervalue the support of a good therapist, I have found qualified trauma-informed therapists to be very difficult to find. Even many therapists who advertise themselves as being trauma-informed are often using outdated information and their help just isn't helpful.

This is where peer support can be a great alternative. While I am NOT here to diagnose you (and in fact, I can't and won't), I can listen to you and empathize and ask questions that help you sort through what you feel and think.


My certifications come from life experience, as someone who has overcome a lot of my own struggles. So I know what it's like to experience mental health issues from the point of view of the patient, rather than the doctor. 

It is my opinion that people rarely need to be told what to do; they are more in need of an empathetic listener to help them believe in and validate what they already know, deep down.

My "Qualifications"

For those who don't know... I am a trauma survivor.


And since you're reading this right now, I'm betting you are too, or you're here on behalf of someone else who is.


I've overcome more than most people could ever imagine, and that is the central principle of peer support.

I've experienced:

  • ritual/cult abuse

  • dissociation

  • religious trauma

  • TBMC

  • narcissistic abuse

  • trafficking

  • sexual assault

  • attachment issues

  • self-harm

  • parental wounding

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